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How the PSTN switch-off affects your lifts?

Are you ready for the PTSN switch off? Here we highlight what the big switch-off could mean for you and your assets and how you can make the transition to VOIP.

Top IoT trends for 2023

When it comes to IoT keeping on top of emerging trends and technologies it’s always important to maintain a competitive edge. But having an IoT ecosystem that is both current and future-proof involves a lot of planning and maintenance. IoT is advancing at a rate of knots, so to help you stay in the loop we reveal the top trends emerging this year and beyond and what benefits they can have to your business.

How IoT is driving smarter and more sustainable agriculture?

IoT-based applications are becoming increasingly common within the agriculture industry. Agritech is booming thanks to the introduction of advanced IoT tools, systems and solutions for large-scale farming which have a wealth of purposes benefiting farmers and consumers.

How can M2M SIM make your security smarter?

M2M and IoT SIMs are huge contributors that are driving greater surveillance around the globe.  Security is always high on the priority list for any consumer, business owner or organisation. Whether it’s looking after goods, possessions or people the latest gadgets are always welcomed by the end users to provide the best quality service. IoT […]

Strictly, Bake Off and staying connected in rural Scotland

In September we went on an adventure…My wife Sally and I hired a motorhome for 12 days and drove the North Coast 500 (NC500) around Scotland. It was amazing! Stunning jaw-dropping scenery combined with the open road, remote campsites, wild off-grid camping and wild water swimming. Although I was on holiday and intended to stay […]

How M2M SIMS are powering Smart Cities

Cities are getting smarter and as a result quality of life and responsiveness is improving. But what’s interesting is the smart city initiatives we are seeing today are just a small glimpse of what technology could eventually do in the urban world. So what exactly is a smart city? Well, it’s a technologically modern urban […]

The Most Common Uses for an M2M SIM

Machine to machine (M2M) communication has become common place in business today, whether you recognise it or not. It’s used across many sectors for countless purposes, some of which rely on the use of an M2M SIM for continuous functionality.

Fund Raising Day for the Tall Ships Youth Trust

Like excited schoolboys on the first day of summer, we had been released for a day out on the ocean; a new experience, a chance to meet new people and try new things and of course, a break from the monotony that has been Lockdown 3.0. A day out in a sailing boat, helping to raise funds for charity? Eager participants were not hard to come by…

What are the advantages of using a multi-network roaming SIM?

What are the advantages of using a multi-network roaming SIM? Multi-network SIMs are ideal for any IoT-focused business that wants to implement connectivity on the move or increase reliability for applications at a fixed location… Although we are seeing lots of new technology being introduced into the IoT space for connectivity, 3G and 4G connectivity […]

Sailing into Calmer Waters with Tall Ships Youth Trust

Support the Tall Ships Youth Trust. Help us help young focus on what they can do, not what they can’t, gain confidence and better mental health. Support the Tall Ships Youth Trust.