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Fund Raising Day for the Tall Ships Youth Trust

A fundraising event like no other…

Like excited schoolboys on the first day of summer, we had been released for a day out on the ocean; a new experience, a chance to meet new people and try new things and of course, a break from the monotony that has been Lockdown 3.0.

A day out in a sailing boat, helping to raise funds for charity? Eager participants were not hard to come by…

Under the very capable organisation skills and “captainship” of Global M2MSIM’s very own Ed Neal, 10 of us were invited down to the Solent, to share in his love of sailing and importantly, to understand and experience first-hand the amazing work that the Tall Ships Youth Trust delivers to their participants.

It’s important of course, to mention that the day was expertly managed and delivered within strict social distancing measures and in line with the latest government guidelines. No slap on the wrist here thank you very much!

With a mixed bag of sailing experience; from 30 years of piloting cargo ships safely to port, to those who have only experienced a short crossing on a ferry or driven a pedalo, our team had one thing in common – an eagerness to learn and to ‘get stuck in’. And that’s exactly what we had in store, as you see, the boat we were sailing on, Challenger II, was designed and built specifically to be sailed by a team, a group – forcing and welcoming a united effort from all.

Challenger II was designed and built to sail around the world “the wrong way” and has completed the trip twice in her 20-year life span.

‘Hoist the mainsail, learn the ropes and hope we don’t have to batten down the hatches!’

We had an excellent and very knowledgeable (and patient!) crew in Sue (Skipper), Dave (1st Mate), Mel and John (watch leaders), who took the time to understand why we were on board, what we wanted to achieve from the day and crucially, what we needed to do in order to stay dry and out on the Solent! From learning the basics; what ropes to pull and when, to the rules of the ocean, a plethora of safety skills and a few very suspect ‘nautical terms’, we soon became a solid and dare I say it, dependable group of misfit seamen. Those that had never sailed before pitched in from the get-go and those who knew what they were doing were not afraid to do the same – all with a smile from ear to ear and a lust for adventure.

Between the glorious sunshine, stunning 360 degree views and the sea breeze blowing in one’s hair (those that still have some anyway), we were spoilt with everything that a day on the ocean had to offer – in such a short space of time. Now imagine the same feeling for a group of 12 school kids who come from inner cities where the sight of a 72ft sailboat is an utter rarity, let alone the chance to sail one for a week and become part of the crew. It really was a sensational (or should I say sen-sail-tional) day and one that we are all so very excited to share.

But it wasn’t simply a day out for a bunch of overgrown kids, far from it. This was an opportunity to raise crucial funds, to highlight the work that this extraordinary charity embarks on and also, for many of us, an opportunity to get further involved by volunteering ourselves. As you may all imagine, the past 12 months have had a massive negative impact on most charities, especially ones who factor in outdoor education and adventure pursuits for groups into the equation.

At a time when young people are facing extraordinary levels of youth unemployment, immense social pressures and let’s face it, a growing capacity for boredom, the need for the Trust is greater than ever.

Tall Ships brings together crews of different social backgrounds and nationalities to promote understanding and friendship onboard. Beyond the confines of traditional classrooms and 4G signal, these young people gain a sense of self-belief that can only be born through adventure – a sense of exploration that Ed and his team believe is a vital part of their own lives and want to help share with as many people as possible. To find out more about the Tall Ships Youth Trust, click here.

Tremendous feedback and excitement gathering for our next event!

The feedback has been very positive including comments such as:

“I’ve thought back to it every day since – it really was a fantastic experience”

“A great day, great people and a very worthy cause!”

“Thanks for a great experience, good to meet you all!”

“..thank you so much for organising a brilliant day in the water. It was wonderful to be part of such a great crew. Thank you everyone…”

If you’d like to get involved and support the Trust through a day out on the ocean, learning the basics of sailing and experiencing the thrill of the open water, there’s good news – we’re will be organising another trip very soon, so stay tuned.

Whatever your sailing experience, whatever you’d like to get from the day, however you spend your time on board, there’s truly something for everyone and we’re very excited to develop our fundraising partnership with the Trust for years to come.

Please help the Tall Ships Youth Trust continue their fantastic work giving young people the opportunity to have adventure, learn new skills, make life-long friendships and be more balanced individuals.

Donate Here.

The next fund raising sailing event is planned for 14th or 15th May 2021. 

Personal growth and self development sailing day for Men in support of the Tall Ships Youth Thrust.

Is your mind always busy?

Is your life full of stress?

Perhaps work and life is making you anxious, feel out of control or you are simply languishing and not achieving much.

Do you feel that you have no time for yourself or that you feel that you are unable to let go of control and have more confidence?

What if you could let go and reconnect with your true self?  What if you could clear your mind and create some peace within and allow yourself to think and act clearly?

A day on the water will re-energise, inspire and disconnect you from your busy life.  It will help you have more clarity at home, work or with your business.

But most importantly of all, you’ll be more relaxed and have some have fun!

So, give yourself permission to join a group of 10 likeminded men on a sailing boat for a day.

Why not support and help yourself whilst also supporting the Tall Ships Youth Trust Charity?

If you would like to know more about our upcoming events or register for this event, we invite you to register your interest here to be kept updated.