Connecting M2M devices globally

with one SIM card using multiple networks.

Global SIM entrepreneur moves to tracking technology during Covid-19 pandemic

Global SIM entrepreneur moves to tracking technology during Covid-19 pandemic

When a business is reliant on a machine-to-machine connection, for whatever reason, the worst thing that can happen is for the signal to drop. The consequences could be huge for their customers, community, and collaborators.

Ed Neal founded Global M2M SIM in 2005 and has been helping thousands of clients maintain a perfect connection with their universal SIM card, which runs on multiple networks and connects pretty much anything that needs to be connected remotely.

Like the best technology, the SIM works seamlessly, and clients don’t even know it’s there so they can focus on what they are good at. Customers include a kite surfing company that needs to connect to a weather station, and farmers who need livestock data from weighing machines.

Global M2M SIM also helps families displaced from their home due to flooding connect to a dehumidifier, so they know when it’s safe to return.

As devices get smarter the possibilities for application in the internet of things grows exponentially. During the 2020 crisis, Ed built on an idea to extend his SIM technology to moving objects via GPS, and launched

The first task is to enable customers with all sorts of applications – from car dealerships to delivery drivers, with the ability to keep tabs on their assets and to run as efficiency and safely as possible, at a time where reducing risk and increasing reliability is paramount.

Ed said: “Smart devices are dumb without a connection. If we add tracking capabilities, we can offer our clients the whole package. This reduces the risk and consequences of the device not being able to connect.

“The power is in its application to assets, items or people that move around. I am excited by the opportunities, including helping keep vulnerable people connected so they are never lost or alone.”