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GPS Vehicle Trackers will protect your business and save you money

GPS Vehicle Trackers will protect your business and save you money

GPS trackers have quickly become an indispensable business tool – from delivery services who use tracking to provide customers with real-time delivery timeframes to car hire and car showrooms that handle large fleets and rely on knowing where their vehicles are at all times. The bottom line is, trackers have moved way beyond simply knowing where your shiny new car is and are now being used as a business productivity tool; increasing efficiency, reducing wastage and maximising security.

GPS Trackers Can Protect Your Assets

GPS tracking serves a multitude of purposes. Most commonly, it’s used as a theft deterrent. With GPS trackers installed, companies are able to monitor the locations of stolen vehicles or cargo, report locations to police teams, and enable quick recovery of company property. To put it simply, a tracker gives you the peace of mind knowing where your property is at all times – not many other solutions can give you the same.

But they’ve moved beyond this with companies using tracking to:

  • Access location data, which offers peace of mind while assets are moving between destinations
  • Track utilisation & efficiency, to avoid wasting or underusing certain assets
  • Track runtime for pieces of equipment (i.e. machinery), which can help verify payroll

Can GPS Tracking Save Your Business Money? 

Yes, it can – let’s take our vehicle example from above and show you just how a GPS tracker can save you money. Installing one of our trackers on your car or fleet vehicle can significantly reduce excess costs for businesses:

1. Fuel & Maintenance – Let’s say that the average operating cost per vehicle is about £1 per mile. A company can reduce at least an average of 25 miles per week for each vehicle with a GPS tracking device through optimised route and speed limit control.

2. Employee Overtime – Average UK employee overtime rate is estimated at about £40 per hour. A company can reduce at least 1 hour of overtime per week with a GPS fleet tracking system by managing and optimising employee schedules.

3. Employee Productivity – Your average UK delivery driver could complete at lease 5 extra stops, jobs, or deliveries per day with a live GPS tracking unit that works to optimise their route. Reducing employee wages through wasted overtime = money saved.

4. Insurance Saving – Most insurers will reduce your insurance premium just because you have a GPS tracker fitted to your fleets. Nice and easy.

5. Customer Service – This one is often overlooked. By providing customers with accurate delivery or lead times, you’re giving them a better service and encouraging them to conduct repeat business with you.

The cost of a GPS Tracking Device has significantly dropped over the past few years. A high-quality device can be purchased for just £165. It’s typical for a company to see their return on investment within the first two months after purchase.

What’s more, they’re very easy to install, have an impressive battery life and can be purchased with data bundles to ensure you stay connected to your devices at all times. There’s no question – GPS tracking is essential for any business with valuable assets to track. From location to optimisation, there’s a trove of data that you can use to reduce costs and make the best decisions for your company.

To find out more about vehicle trackers as well as a host of other GPS tracking solutions, visit our Trackers page.