Connecting M2M devices globally

with one SIM card using multiple networks.

How can M2M SIM make your security smarter?

M2M and IoT SIMs are huge contributors that are driving greater surveillance around the globe. 

Security is always high on the priority list for any consumer, business owner or organisation. Whether it’s looking after goods, possessions or people the latest gadgets are always welcomed by the end users to provide the best quality service. IoT and M2M SIMs further enhance and redefine the level of security, surveillance and monitoring you can receive. But how? Below, we dive into exactly how M2M SIM can help make your security smarter. 

Mobile Security 

IoT allows for security solutions to be mobile – perfect for surveillance on the go, such as in a vehicle or at locations where a wired connection is not possible or practical.

M2M SIMs provide access to fast and secure connectivity, along with global connectivity. Typically they’re not fixed to one mobile network and depending on the device, may keep you connected to the strongest signal. 

A standard SIM card won’t provide the same features and functions as an M2M SIM card. Some M2M SIMs are built to withstand rough conditions such as extreme temperatures and vibration levels. Meaning they last much longer and are more reliable than a standard SIM. 

Monitoring Solutions & Asset Tracking 

For those needing to monitor shipments and packages, mobile security and monitoring solutions with M2M SIMs allow users to have complete control over their SIM estate, monitoring SIM activity in real time and helping to identify issues.

Asset tracking can keep your eyes on your valuable assets, machines and equipment making sure they’re staying put. Similarly, for those needing to monitor employees, such as lone workers, GPS tracking can be used to ensure any regulations are adhered to, or that the worker is safe.  For example, an M2M SIM in a tracker can help identify if any employee enters an area they shouldn’t or raises an alarm.

Sensors & IoT Connectivity 

Companies can also leverage different sensors to customise their security solutions. Types of IoT sensors include; thermal, vibration and sound sensors, light and electromagnetic sensors and more. 

Smart sensors like these are very effective as they are wirelessly connected and can often be updated over the air with new features and capabilities. 

IoT connectivity is incredibly important to enhance alarm systems. Smart alarms equipped with M2M SIMs enable you to make calls and texts when an alert has been triggered. 

Keeping protected with smart technology 

According to a McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) report, smart technology can reduce crime by 30-40% thanks to predictive policing, real-time crime mapping, and home security systems. Furthermore, it can also accelerate emergency response times by 20-35% and reduce fatalities and fires by 8-10%.

Ordering SIM cards for security devices can be a tedious task without the right advice and support. Global M2M SIM supports alarm, CCTV and smart security solutions across the globe and ensures that security and surveillance connections are maintained 24×7 – helping businesses stay connected and protected at all times.