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with one SIM card using multiple networks.

How to stay connected on outdoor adventures

Embarking on outdoor adventures offers unique experiences that connect us with nature in its purest state. However, being disconnected from the digital world can be both liberating and challenging whilst outdoors. Fortunately, technology has evolved to bridge this gap, enabling us to stay connected even in the most remote areas. 

Below, we explore the different ways you can ensure you stay connected on outdoor adventures and how tech can benefit you when you’re out exploring.

Satellite Technology is Your Best Friend

Satellite messaging provides a lifeline of communication in remote and isolated locations. It is a form of communication that utilises satellite networks to send and receive messages where traditional cellular networks are unavailable or unreliable. Satellite messaging allows you to stay connected, share location, and call for help when needed. 

Satellite messaging devices such as Defy Link and CAT S75 are often used by adventurers, hikers, explorers, lone workers, sailors, researchers or anyone who finds themselves in areas with limited or no cellular coverage. 

Defy Satellite Link

The Motorola Defy Satellite Link means no need for carrying two phones as it allows you to turn your smartphone into a satellite messaging device all through the power of Bluetooth. The device is compatible with any smartphone. So this means, when your mobile signal or WiFi connection is out of range, your phone will switch to use the Defy Satellite Link for messaging. The Defy Satellite Link allows you to link up to 32 devices. 

It offers two-way messaging capabilities, so you can send and receive messages from friends or family members and the emergency services, an essential feature for sharing updates, coordinating plans or seeking help in case of an unexpected situation while you’re out exploring. The Defy also allows you to “check in” with a press of a button.  Checking in sends a Google map location to the contact of your choice with a preconfigured message.  This is great for reassuring those back home or in the office that you are safe and well.

Like with most outdoor adventures, safety is paramount. Getting stuck in a tricky situation in an area with no signal is exactly why so many adventurers need peace of mind. The Defy Link comes equipped with an SOS button that, when pressed, alerts “Focus Point”, 365 days and 24/7 emergency response service.  When pressed a two-way dialog is opened and your location shared. The response centre then co-ordinates local resources to assist.

The Defy Link retails at around £160 which includes 30 messages per month and the SOS service for 12 months.  For peace of mind and safety, this is a “bargain”!


If you don’t want to carry a separate satellite link and looking for a new handset, why not check out the CAT S75? 

The CAT S75 is your satellite messaging phone and your everyday phone all in one, supporting any SIM card from any network. 

Just like the Defy Link, the CAT S75 offers international SOS service but also provides real-time GPS tracking so you can keep your loved ones informed about your journey’s progress and give them peace of mind. 

Earlier this month, my wife and I took a 12-mile hike in the Rhinog mountains of Snowdonia. Whenever we’re venturing in areas with poor connection, we always ensure safety is paramount and prepare for any given situation, so we’re not caught short. 

Much of the route we hiked had no mobile coverage so calling for help would have been impossible. But the lack of mobile coverage was not an issue for us as I took my CAT S75 handset with us.

As mobile coverage dropped out, the CAT S75 immediately locked onto the satellite ensuring we always had communications should we have needed it. With 24/7 SOS assistance at the push of a button and location tracking we were as safe as we could be. Fortunately, the only “emergency” was that my wife lost a lens cap off her camera somewhere enroute.

The CAT S75 retails around £550.  It is SIM free and unlocked to any network so you can use your current SIM. Satellite connectivity is enabled subject to purchasing a messaging plan starting from £10 per month.  SOS, location sharing and checking in are included in the package.

In Conclusion

Staying connected during outdoor adventures no longer needs to be a challenge, thanks to the power of satellite messaging, adventurers can explore remote locations sacrificing safety or peace of mind. After all, staying connected doesn’t have to mean compromising the essence of a true wilderness experience.