Connecting M2M devices globally

with one SIM card using multiple networks.

Corvid 19 is putting your M2M and IoT devices at risk of losing connection!

Maintaining data connections during Covid 19 – Are your devices at risk?

During this worldwide Corona Virus outbreak, staying connected may not have ever been so critical.

As the load on the mobile networks has increased, critical applications such as monitoring the elderly, lone workers and high value assets have become more vulnerable to outages.

Some networks overseas are already limiting access to mobile data connections or only making coverage available at certain strategic locations such as hospitals.

If your business relies on mobile network data connections it may be at risk of outages or reduced connectivity, particularly if you use single network SIM cards for your connectivity. Your devices (M2M and IoT) connections could be at risk if that single network is overloaded or changes their connectivity priorities.

One way to reduce the risk could be to use a multi network roaming data SIM card.

A multi Network SIM will allow the host device to choose which network it connects, thus minimising the risk and consequences of loss of signal and outages.

Using 2G, 3G and 4G data networks, the SIM cards roam on multiple networks across the UK, EU and worldwide.

Additionally, the SIMs are not steered or biased to any particular network. This allows the device to choose, or automatically switch to the “best” network available.

So if you or your business uses mobile connectivity for its devices, services or applications and you are concerned that you are exposed to losing connectivity, contact us using the link below and we’ll be happy to provide a no obligation assessment of your situation and the options available.


Kind regards

Ed Neal
Managing Director

Global M2M SIM

Please stay safe and adhere to government guidelines to do your bit in reducing the spread of the virus and infection.