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Simplify your SIM management to focus on your core business

How to save Four man days per month managing your SIMs…

If you or your business manage a large quantity of SIM cards, you may be wasting a lot of time, energy and money managing them.  Endless toping up and checking SIM statuses can be a huge distraction from your core business.

One of our clients, Ireland based Munster GPS, operates a GPS tracking business and was spending a significant amount of time managing the SIM cards in their customers trackers.  Munster GPS used PrePaid pay as you go SIM cards in the trackers, but as their business rapidly grew, managing the SIMs became a headache.

With approximately one thousand SIMs, Munster’s staff were continually activating SIM cards, adding credit, checking expiry dates and usage levels.

On occasions, trackers were being returned to be reconfigured once a SIM had expired. This was a major inconvenience to the client and Munster.

As business continued to grow, it all became a bit too much work.  That is until we stepped in and helped Munster GPS streamline operations so that they could focus on their core business.

From Pay As You Go to Pay Monthly

So, how did we help?  In short, we switched from PAYG SIMs to pay monthly and streamlined the whole process

Munsters original set up used PAYG SIMs.  PAYG SIMs are time consuming to manage and top up.  So, our first priority was to reduce the need to manage the SIMs to an absolute minimum, or better still, remove it completely.

This involved switching to a post pay model and configuring SIMs to automatically activate when first used.  We also removed any automatic deactivation or expiry conditions for all SIM cards.

We then looked at the typical usage and annual costs and spread them across a 12 month period.

What were the results?

  • Munster GPS saved 4 days per month
  • Huge reduction in data costs
  • Big improvement in SIM management productivity
  • Improved cash flow
  • Spend more time focused on their core business

The result was that Munster GPS saved a massive Four man days per month and an reduction in data costs in addition to regaining Four man days per month and giving their customers a far better experience.

The removal of all management tasks and worries, resulted in Munster GPS being able to focus on their customers needs and the launch of their UK arm of the business and growing their business with a more scalable system.

If you or your business is spending unacceptable amounts of time and energy managing your SIM cards, please get in touch and see who we can help you.