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Global SIM entrepreneur moves to tracking technology during Covid-19 pandemic

Global SIM entrepreneur moves to tracking technology during Covid-19 pandemic When a business is reliant on a machine-to-machine connection, for whatever reason, the worst thing that can happen is for the signal to drop. The consequences could be huge for their customers, community, and collaborators. Ed Neal founded Global M2M SIM in 2005 and has been […]

GPS Vehicle Trackers will protect your business and save you money

GPS Vehicle Trackers will protect your business and save you money GPS trackers have quickly become an indispensable business tool – from delivery services who use tracking to provide customers with real-time delivery timeframes to car hire and car showrooms that handle large fleets and rely on knowing where their vehicles are at all times. […]

Simplify your SIM management to focus on your core business

How to save Four man days per month managing your SIMs… If you or your business manage a large quantity of SIM cards, you may be wasting a lot of time, energy and money managing them.  Endless toping up and checking SIM statuses can be a huge distraction from your core business. One of our […]

Help local Milton Keynes Man printing masks for NHS and Key workers during Covid 19 and lockdown

Happy to help We’re really happy to have helped a local cause doing some real good in the community during the Covid 19 outbreak – and you can help too. Michael at 3D Printing Bird has been printing face shields and donating them to the NHS to help with their PPE shortages –  As of […]

Pay As You Go data SIM vs Pay Monthly – The Top five things to consider when choosing.

Many people think a PAGY Data SIM deal is cheaper and “better”” than a monthly payment plan. Here are Five things to consider when choosing the most suitable deal. PAYG could be false economy.

Corvid 19 is putting your M2M and IoT devices at risk of losing connection!

Maintaining data connections during Covid 19 – Are your devices at risk?

M2M And IoT devices that use a single network SIM are open to loss of signal or drop outs during the Covid 19 outbreak.

Bali – Data roaming suspended

Data roaming services in Bali province are temporarily being suspended by the local networks to ensure coverage is maintained for local critical locations.

Services, operations and support unaffected by Covid 19

Hi I am sure that you have a lot of things on you mind at the moment with the outbreak of the Coronavirus (Covid-19). I felt that I should write to you to hopefully give you one less thing to worry about and to give some reassurance in these challenging times. Being an online technology […]

Could fitting a boat tracker prevent theft, people trafficking, stranding and even death.

How fitting a boat tracker could prevent theft, people trafficking, stranding and even death. Over the last Three months at least Two yachts have been used to traffic desperate people to Italy.  Tragically in one case around 12 people died.  In another the yacht was smashed to pieces on the rocks and a “total loss”. […]

What sort of SIM should be used for dementia GPS trackers?

Dementia is a growing issue in the UK, where 850,000 people are affected by the disease, with the number expected to rise to two million in the next 30 years. Therefore, finding ways to safeguard patients is an area ripe for innovation and investment. Phone tracking apps can be useful, but mobiles are easily forgotten, […]