Connecting M2M devices globally

with one SIM card using multiple networks.

Remote Sensors


Remote sensors such as temperature sensors, weather stations, tide gauges, river level and flood warning systems are remote by their very nature.

Ensuring that your remote sensor or device is connected to the GSM mobile network is fundamental in the flow of data from the sensor to your server or platform.

Single network SIM cards may work, but they do not give you the level of redundancy that a multi-network roaming SIM can offer, especially in remote locations.

GeoSIM’s global roaming M2M SIM card ensures that your devices can connect to the GSM mobile network and stay connected, through their ability to use any available network.

We all know that mobile coverage can be inconsistent, and where one network may not be available, an alternative network may have a strong signal. Because our M2M SIM is not tied to any particular network, the effect of poor coverage in remote locations can be significantly reduced or even completely removed, as it simply roams onto another network.

If your remote sensor is in a fixed remote location or often moves around, GeoSIM’s Global M2M SIM is the ideal SIM card to keep your device connected.

Do you resell or manufacture remote sensors? We can remove the hassle of managing your SIM cards.

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