Connecting M2M devices globally

with one SIM card using multiple networks.

About Us

A bit of history.

Geodesa Limited was established in 2004 by Ed Neal and is proud to be a family business over 15 years later

Ed’s career started in the 80’s in the marine industry working on ships and vessels of various sizes including super tankers, cable ships and oil rigs. In 2004 an industry downturn saw Ed’s entrepreneurial spirit emerge and Geodesa Limited was born and launched GeoSIM, a Global Roaming SIM card.

GeoSIM helped travelers reduce their mobile phone bill charges by avoiding roaming charges.  As the mobile industry grew, so did demand for connectivity. We now provide SIM cards for any type of machine that needs to be connected to the “outside world” from phones to trackers, alarms and remote monitoring systems.

We have distributors, resellers and customers all over the world and we continue our quest to provide connectivity to expand in to all “corners” of the earth.

Our values.

At Geodesa we have integrity; we do what we say and are honest, truthful and factual. We always ensure our products or services will suit your requirements.

We aim to provide high levels of service by punctually fulfilling and delivering orders, quickly answering enquiries and effectively react to support requests.

We aim to relate to you, the customer, and will respond with consideration and understanding.

We operate within the legal frame-work for online businesses, mobile service providers and privacy laws.

Geodesa stives to offer a personal service in an “impersonal industry”.

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