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What sort of SIM should be used for dementia GPS trackers?

Dementia is a growing issue in the UK, where 850,000 people are affected by the disease, with the number expected to rise to two million in the next 30 years. Therefore, finding ways to safeguard patients is an area ripe for innovation and investment. Phone tracking apps can be useful, but mobiles are easily forgotten, […]

How are M2M SIMs different to standard SIMs?

Subscriber Identity Modules, better known as SIMs, identify which network your device connects to for calls, texts and data. While the same can be said for M2M SIM cards, there are some significant differences. Even though M2M SIM cards act in a very similar way to regular SIM cards, they have been designed for very […]

The top 3 uses for M2M SIM cards

Contrary to popular belief, not all SIMs are cut from the same card. Whilst consumer SIMs are designed for volume production and efficiency, machine-to-machine (M2M) SIMs are built to last and offer a range of business-specific features that make them perfect for real time monitoring, IoT solutions and GPS location services. Given that the Internet […]

July 2019 Newsletter – Summer madness – Price reductions and Bespoke Data Plans.

Hi Summer is well and truly hear in the UK. Schools have broken up and maybe you are kicking back a bit ready for your holiday. In this edition of our newsletter we have some massive price reductions on our Boat Tracker and M2M SIM cards. We also launch a new service called Bespoke Data […]

Spring 2019 Newsletter – Embedded SIMs, Ultra Marathons & making boats secure

Happy Easter! We’re already in April and wondering where winter has gone but looking forward to those lazy hazy days of summer… Our Spring newsletter includes features about embedded SIMs. These MFF2 format SIMs can be soldered in place inside a device and then sealed, making it water and temperature resistant. Ideal for M2M and […]


Some GPS receivers may malfunction on or after 6 April 2019 due to the GPS rollover. The Global Positioning System provides accurate timing information to many systems. These include not only your mobile phone and car, but systems such as the national grid, communications, Banking systems, financial markets, emergency services, and industrial control systems and […]


It is amazing how many boats are reported stolen. There are regular posts online from distraught owners reporting that their boat has gone missing and asking people to keep a look out for it. In the event of your boat being stolen, one way to locate your boat is to use a boat tracker. Fitting […]

How to mitigate and protect against Network failures like the O2 outage

Were you, your business, your phone, your systems, devices, M2M and IoT applications affected by the recent O2 outage?

If so, here’s a potential way to reduce your exposure when a single network fails causing you a major inconvenience.

November 2018 Newsletter – Our Best Year Yet!

2018 has been a great year for Global M2M SIM! The year has had a distinct nautical feel to it.  We started the year with the We Listened Campaign, in May we worked with Follow My Challenge, then mid-year introduced some new products and features. In October we embarked on an amazing adventure around the Ionian […]

Sailing to Zakynthos with a GPS Boat Tracker

Geodesa Sail to Zakynthos with a GPS boat tracker and FollowMyChallenge   In October Geodesa tested a couple of GPS trackers in a real world situation to see how they performed.  We set ourselves the challenge to sail to the Island of Zakynthos (Zante) in the Ionian Sea, Greece.     The Boat Trackers  We […]