Connecting M2M devices globally

with one SIM card using multiple networks.

Voice and SMS SIMs

Voice and SMS SIMs for IoT and M2M devices for “mission critical” and important applications.

A voice and SMS SIM is ideal for devices such as alarms, emergency dialers and gate openers where reliability and maximum coverage are required.

These un-steered multi network roaming voice and SMS SIMs allow the device to choose the network that suits it best.  Allowing the device to choose the network ensures maximum coverage is achieved and maintained in low or poor signal locations including remote areas, farms and lifts or elevators within buildings.

This voice and SMS SIM will not be deactivated due to low or infrequent use unlike Pay as you go SIMs .

Why risk your critical application or service with a Pay as you go SIM which only has single network coverage and may be killed off due to not being used?

For peace of mind, maximum coverage and reliability any critical application this voice and SMS SIM is perfect.

Works all over the UK and Europe.

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