Connecting M2M devices globally

with one SIM card using multiple networks.

DGPS and RTK Corrections and surveys

Global M2M SIMs for DGPS and RTK corrections and surveys.

When you are out on site, maintaining a connection for your DGPS and RTK correction is paramount to minimise downtime and maximise efficiency. The use of Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology has made it easier and easier to accurately position data on a global basis. Benefits include the ability to see your data accurately positioned quickly following a survey for immediate follow-up and interpretation. This allows better and faster decision making.

At more remote sites, a strong GSM signal may not be available on all networks.  GeoSIMs Global M2M SIM roams and switches networks ensuring that DGPS and RTK corrections are received.  This maximises connection time, thus ensuring less downtime and the need to re-survey.

Our Global M2M SIM cards are ideal for survey work for a number of reasons:

  • Use the DGPS and RTK correction service of your choice
  • Low volume data bundles suited for RTK and DGPS available
  • The roaming SIM is designed to work on all networks. If one network is not available in your location, it will simply switch to another, keeping your DGPS and RTK equipment connected and corrections flowing
  • Un-steered SIM ensures that your device can choose from any available network and ensure a reliable connection
  • The SIM card gives you access to your chosen reference network or correction provider. By receiving RTK correction data via GSM ensures you can determine the position to precision you require
  • Network-based RTK GPS positioning can appropriately solve performance problems caused by distance-dependent errors such as satellites’ orbit and atmospheric biases that were experienced with conventional single-reference-based RTK positioning.

With our Global M2M multi network roaming SIM, you can be sure that your SIM will stay connected while you are out on site.

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