Connecting M2M devices globally

with one SIM card using multiple networks.

Boat Data Connections

Global M2M SIMs for yachts and boating – Trackers, Modems, Alarms, Wifi & Mifi Dongles.

Keep your equipment connected wherever you are, whilst on your boat. No need to juggle multiple foreign SIM cards, APN settings, or pay high contract roaming rates while you travel. Have one convenient SIM card which will connect all your devices, tracker, alarms and MiFi dongles.

Our Global M2M SIM cards are ideal for keeping you connected on yachts and boating for a number of reasons:

  • Fixed monthly costs so you stay in control.
  • The roaming SIM is designed to work on all networks. If one network is not available in your location, it will simply allow the device to switch to another, keeping you connected:
  • Use it in your boat tracker to transmit GPS location data via our Global M2M SIM using the mobile phone network
  • Set it up once with one global APN used on all networks
  • Use in modems to allow internet access using the 2G, 3G and 4G data services. Using a Global M2M SIM card, a modems output internet via WiFi to connect all your devices
  • The Global M2M SIM card will stay alive even if it used infrequently
  • Insert the SIM in to a MiFi or WiFi dongle and connect multiple devises such as phones and tablets to the Global GSM network

With our Global M2M multi network roaming SIM, you can be sure that you can stay connected while you are on yachts and boating.

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