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Boat tracker and monitor
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Boat tracker and monitor – Track and monitor your boat remotely.

£220.83 Exc. VAT

Boat tracking made easy and reliable.

Monitor your boats location and systems remotely.  Set up bilge, battery, movement and ignition alarms.  See your boats location real time and recall previous tracks and passages.

This simple to fit and easy to use boat tracking system will give you peace of mind all is OK on your pride and joy.  We have tested this tracker ourselves.  Its easy to fit and reliable.

Product Description

Boat Tracker and monitor

Boat tracker and monitor suitable for power and sailing boats.

VERY easy to fit.  Minimum of two wires, typically fitted in a few minutes.

You can now keep a check on your boats location and record its tracks and passages with this waterproof boat tracker and monitor.

Have peace of mind in case of boat theft or unauthorized use.

Set alarms for ignition, movement, bilge pumps and battery levels and stay remotely connected with your boat using the free Android or iOS App and web portal.

Download installation and user guide here


  • Electronic mobile monitoring of on board systems whilst of your boat or boats
  • Location: View your boats location in real time
  • Trips: Record all trips and passages made by your boat
  • Battery: Check and monitor battery levels of your boat.  Connect up to two batteries such as domestic and starter battery
  • Bilge Pump: See data on bilge pump operation and receive push notifications on your smartphone whenever it starts
  • Alarms: Set alarms to receive push notifications for low battery level, bilge pump operation, ignition start or movement of your boat
  • Settings: Manage your account and prolong your subscription
  • Powered from your boats 12 to 24 volt power

Some boat trackers only record tracks when the ignition is on.  This is OK for power boats, but sailing vessels often only use their engine to leave and enter port.  This tracker will record your sailing vessels track if under power or sailing.

What’s in the Box?

  • Boat monitor and tracker. IP67 rated (water proof)
  • Fitting instructions.  We recommend it is fitted by a professional boat electrician.  However, if you are competent in maintaining your own boat, you should not have any problems fitting this device.  Full instructions are included.  Minimum connection is two wires; positive and negative.
  • EU SIM card

What’s Included

  • Connect It Boat App for Android and iOS
  • Web portal and account
  • The first 12 Months subscription
  • Support


Next day delivery is not currently unavailable for this item. Please allow 3-5 days for delivery. This item is shipped using a tracked service.

Subscriptions after year 1

The first 12 months subscription is included in the purchase price.  After the first year, subscription prices are:

1 year £89

3 years £239

5 years £349


Area of use and coverage

Currently, the tracker is configured for use in Europe, a few non EU countries in the Mediterranean and the UK.  If you need coverage elsewhere, please contact us.

The tracker use s a mobile network GSM signal to send its position and other data.  A GSM signal is required to obtain data and location of your boat. GSM coverage may vary depending on local conditions and installation location.  If the device cannot connect to the GSM network, it will buffer up to two weeks of locations and data.

Charter fleet monitoring

Are you a charter company, or have a fleet of boats that you would like to monitor?  A fleet version of the app is also available so that you can keep track of your fleet.  Contact us for details.

Real use case and installation example.

The tracker is very easy to fit.  Connect two wires for power, this will provide location,  track history, alert if the boat moves and starter battery voltage.  Connect a third wire if you want to receive an alert if the ignition is switched on, and a fourth wire if you want to know if the bilge pump starts.  There are no external sensors that need to connected, enabled or installed.

Download installation and user guide here

We have worked with the manufacturer closely to ensure the tracker and system meets the demands of sailors and boat owners.  The tracker is easy to install and operate, providing security, safety and reassurance that your boat is OK.

We have tested this tracker exhaustively at sea in real world situations by sailing hundreds of miles in the Mediterranean and North Sea for your benefit… somebody had to do it!

During our testing, we installed the tracker in several locations around the boat.  It worked wherever we installed it, including under the floor in the main cabin and the engine room of the yacht.


Check out the video showing the App and tracker in use.  You might want to check your PC’s sound is turned down!

Additional Information

Weight 0.502 kg
Input Voltage

6V to 30V

Shipping & delivery

This item is shipped using a tracked service.

Works in:

Tariff includes all the EU, EEA countries and Switzerland;

• Austria
• Belgium
• Bulgaria
• Croatia
• Cyprus
• Czech Republic
• Denmark
• Estonia
• Finland
• France
• Germany
• Greece
• Hungary
• Iceland
• Ireland
• Italy
• Latvia
• Liechtenstein
• Lithuania
• Luxembourg
• Malta
• Netherlands
• Norway
• Poland
• Portugal
• Romania
• Slovakia
• Slovenia
• Spain
• Sweden
• Switzerland
• United Kingdom

When the tracker or boat goes out of the region, it will stop sending data.

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    A great bit of kit. We’ve tried a number of boat tracking applications and trackers, this one has been the best.

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