Connecting M2M devices globally

with one SIM card using multiple networks.


Existing Customer

I already have an account and want to link this SIM to my existing account.

Choose this account if you created an account and ordered your SIM though this website.

  • your email address
  • password

New Customer

I don't have an account yet

If you want to register your SIM to a different account than the one you ordered with, create a new account.

Why do I need to activate and register my SIM

To get your SIM working, you need to activate it first. This means linking your SIM ID code and number to your account and enabling you to get started.

Option 1 will go to the login page. User will log in page. User logs in and we then assign the SIM to their account.

Option 2 needs to go to the “create account page” we then assign the SIM to the newly created account. Note that if they try to use an existing email address/account, we need to say something like ”You already have an account with this name, you cannot have more than one account with the same email address, please use a different valid email address or select option 1 to link your SIM to you existing account”.

Enter your GeoSIM phone number in the format 447xxxxxxxxx