Roaming SIM Card. Roams in UK & EU on multiple networks. PAYG

Connecting M2M devices globally

with one SIM card using multiple networks.

20 Roaming M2M SIM card for resellers and installers

£79.79 Exc. VAT

20 Roaming SIMs card for re-sellers and installers great for numerous applications. Works on multiple networks to maximise coverage. GPRS, 2G and 3G.

Standard (2FF), MicroSIM (3FF) and NanoSIM (4FF) size on one SIM card.

Product Description

20 SIM cards for resellers and installers

Pay As You Go Roaming  SIM cards

Are you an installer of devices such as Modems, Alarms, GPS trackers, CCTV and require a SIM card as part of your service?  Do you need to pass ownership onto your end customer once the install is complete?

Here’s the answer:

You buy a batch of SIMs through our website using your own account. At this stage, the SIMs are not assigned to anyone’s account, not even yours so they can be activated by anyone.

When you install your device and insert a SIM, you or your customer activates it under their own account.



The SIMs supplied are our standard Pay As You Go, multi network SIMs as detailed below.

Each order consists of 20 SIM cards, you also make savings by ordering in bulk!


8 pence per SMS, 8 Pence per minute, 5 pence per MB


Voice calls 8 pence per minute, SMS 8 pence each, Data 5 pence per MB* anywhere in the UK or Europe.

The Roaming SIM card is not tied to any network and will roam across various networks in the UK and Europe to ensure connectivity is maintained.

Simply activate your Roaming SIM card when you receive it, add some credit and you’re good to go!

If you want to use data, just set the Access Point Name (APN) in your device and connect to any GPRS, 2G and 3G networks.

The Roaming SIM can make outgoing calls so can be used in devices such as intercoms, gate openers or alarms that can be configured to make out going voice calls to send send recorded alert messages or open a voice call to listen in.

One size fits all…The roaming SIM comes in three sizes on one card; a standard size, MicroSIM and NanoSIM size is on the same card.  Simply press out the size you require for your device.

There are no contracts, minimum monthly payments, simply pay for what you use, when you use it. Top up online 24/7 or use AutoTopUp to make sure you never run out of credit. Credit remains on the SIM until used**

Manage your SIM or SIMs under one convenient account. Check usage, set low balance warnings or enable AutoTopUp so that you never run out of credit.


* Data billing cycle: Minimum 10kb then 1kb increments. Voice calls charged per 60 seconds.  Minimum charge for a data session is £0.01. Depending on your device configuration this may increase your data costs above the 5p per MB.

** SIM must make a chargeable call, SMS or data session at least every 12 months. If the SIM is not used it will be disabled permanently without notice. “Use it or lose it” to avoid disconnection.

Additional Information

Weight 0.20 kg

Standard, Micro and Nano sizes on one SIM.

IP Address

Not fixed IP address. Dynamic IP address is assigned by the network.