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Motorola DEFY Satellite link
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Motorola Defy Satellite Link for Smartphones

£133.33 Exc. VAT

The Motorola DEFY Satellite link turns any smartphone into a Satellite messaging device!

Its great for when you’re exploring the wilderness, sailing offshore or up in the mountains away from civilisation.  It even has 24/7 SOS emergency support.

The DEFY is ruggedised, shock proof and waterproof and made for the outdoors and provides secure satellite messaging at a price that does not cost the earth.

Price includes one years subscription for 30 messages per month PLUS 12 months SOS service.

Ideal for:

DofE (Duke of Edinburgh awards), Mountaineering and climbing, Sailing and boating, Hiking, Skiing, Search and Rescue teams…and a multitude of outdoors hobbies and pursuits!

Other use cases: Security, Close protection and Complex environments, NGO’s, Press and Media, Agriculture, Health Care, Renewables, Logistics, Maritime, Offshore


Product Description

Motorola Defy Satellite Link For Smartphones

Use your existing mobile for Satellite messaging!


Do you spend time in areas with little or no mobile phone coverage?

Do you love the outdoors and wilderness but need the reassurance to be able to contact friends and family when out of mobile coverage?

Then this small portable device is for you.  The DEFY offers satellite connectivity for ANY Smartphone.

Unlock a whole new world of always-on connectivity with the Bullitt Satellite Messenger service using the free Bullitt messaging App.


Motorola DEFY Specs

Connects to any Smartphone.

The Motorola DEFY Satellite link connects to your smartphone by Bluetooth and establishes satellite connectivity.  Perfect for where there is no mobile signal whether its up a mountain or out at Sea up to 30 miles offshore.

When you’re in mobile range, your phone uses the mobile networks or Wifi connection, once out of mobile coverage, your phone will use the DEFY Satellite link for messaging.


DEfy and Phone

Ruggedised and Tough!

This DEFY is reliable, rugged and ready for anything.

Its IP68 rated exceeds MIL Spec. 810H…thats pretty tough for you and me!  It works in extremes of temperature and humidity, and shrugs off whatever life throws at it.

Its drop proof and fully waterproof.

With the Motorola DEFY you will always be in reach of colleagues, friends and loved ones – even where there’s no WiFi or cellular reception.


Motorola DEFY summary


Motorola DEFY Tech Specs

Connections and messaging

The Bullitt Satellite messaging services uses Geo stationary satellites orbiting about 22000km above the earth.  This means that once the handset has locked onto the satellite, it stays locked on…unlike systems that use Low Earth Orbit satellites that need to continually scan the sky and handover the connection every few minutes.


The satellite text based messaging is encrypted and secure.

Two Way Satellite messaging


International SOS Service.

Also included in all messaging plans is a 24/7 Monitored response centre with 5000 professionally trained case agents offering support in over 200 languages.  Case agents handle emergencies and assistance requests and can escalate to to emergency services.

SOS and the “Check in” functions does not require a phone tethered to the DEFY.


SOS Service


Messaging that leaves the Earth but doesn’t cost the Earth!

The cost of the DEFY is a one off £159.99.  The price includes SOS and up to 30 messages a month for the first 12 months.

After 12 months any of the plans belows can be subscribed to, alternatively you can upgrade at any time in your first 12 months.

Messaging plans


Bullitt Satellite Coverage.

To use the satellite service, including: messaging, location sharing or SOS, requires a Bullitt Empowered device and the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app.

Coverage offshore is up to 30 miles.

Coverage correct as of 1st April 2023.




Additional Information

Weight 0.500 kg
Other information

Bluetooth enabled handset required.
Clear view of the Sky required when using Satellite messaging.
Coverage offshore depends on region but will work 30 miles offshore mainland coverage areas.


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